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On the road toRecovery . . .

In the wake of the pandemic . . . 

theBACKstop has put together Gift Certificates to provide you with an amazing offer and gather the support of our community in light of this uncertain time. If you spend $30 you will receive a value of $55 worth of services - $35 of massage, $10 in aromatherapy-infused oxygen, and an addon of your choice. These Gift Certificates are 100% transferable. You can purchase them for yourself so you can get back to doing the massage you love or you can include purchases for friends and give them away. There are Series Packages that include 10 massages with 2 free of the same kind. We have also included a 'Donate' button for the convenience of persons that have reached out to say they want to provide us with a thank you gift for our services over the years. This is so greatly appreciated there are no words! When we reopen we are determined to continue to provide you with the best services possible even though our normal may look slightly different. We vow to practice safety and sanitary best practices. 


We are so grateful for our clients and want you to know there is nothing more important to us than your health and safety. We can't wait to come together again and we think of you everyday. Right now it is more important than ever to lean into hope and not back down from all the safety precautions we have taken over the past few weeks and take meaningful steps focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. As we shelter in place to do our part to flatten the curve we can think about how we are going to begin to live our best life. The reset button has been hit and everyone has a chance to refocus on how we plan to approach our daily lives in the future. The coronavirus has changed the way we live in a very short amount of time. But we should not let it take away our hopes for a future of the things we love to do. Our community and state has come together to flatten the curve of this pandemic and will stand united as we soon reenter the workplace and slowly find our normal again. We are all in this together and all of us have been affected in some way or another by this strange and unusual life changing event. As we move forward, I encourage you to focus and let your dreams inspire your new found purpose driven life! We look forward to recovering together as we stand united and move forward into a new and uncertain but hopeful future.


                                                                                                     ~ Rhonda Satterlee-Owner & theBACKstop Staff

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