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Creating a relaxing space in the midst of chaos is our goal.  With our clothes-on massage, you can achieve a relaxing experience that you're sure to come back for so you leave planning your next visit.  You deserve it!

Drown out the outside world with soft music while you drift away.


Our comfort-made ergonomic chairs and musical headrests are one of the most distinguishing characteristics of our massage and oxygen bar.


Most headrests are uncomfortable, but ours are soft, supple, and fully adjustable to each client.  Not only are they amazingly comfortable, but their unique design cradles your head as you get a massage -- not your face -- therefore avoiding discomfort.


Our headrests also have another unique feature. They play music!  Listen as the sound of the outside world fades away and you are completely submerged into a world of total relaxation.


Oxygen is all around us. We breathe it every day, so what makes receiving flavored oxygen so special?


Flavored oxygen is aromatherapy-infused and helps...

  • boost concentration, alertness, memory, and senses

  • aids your immune system

  • improves digestion and clears the sinuses

  • helps the body recover after physical exertion such as strenuous exercise by relieving muscle tension

  • helps regulate sleep patterns and relieve chronic fatigue

  • improves clarity of mind

  • reduces hangovers and migraines

  • replenish serotonin levels (mood lifter)

  • aromatherapy induces movement and change of mood and influences emotions, depending on which flavor of oxygen you receive


Once you receive flavored oxygen, you will feel refreshed, invigorated, and have a calm, peaceful mind.

chair massage oxygen tbs in use CROPPED.jpg

Our Oxygen comes in a variety of Flavors

Choose from...

Vanilla -- Stress reducer; relaxing, comforting, and balancing

Orange -- Anti-Inflammatory; cheery, energizing, and uplifting

Peppermint -- Decongestant; vitalizing; refreshing; cooling


Massage works on your muscles, tissue, and lymphatic system to flush out toxins and excess fluids. Combining Oxygen gives a complete overall since of wellness as it focuses on cleansing and revitalizing your organs; such as your lungs, cells, and brain. Additionally, adding aromatherapy to infuse with the oxygen delivers the 'triple threat' for toxins! 


Lay back, breathe deep, sleep... it's really like a grownups naptime.

Our tables provide the comfort and support your body needs while allowing our Professional Massage Therapists to focus on providing you with the highest level of quality services.  Whether you are enjoying a much needed Sinus & Head Massage, fantastic Foot Massage or ultimate Full Body Massage, you are transported to a world where there is no stress, only total relaxation. 


Our one-of-a-kind kiosk was designed with our client's comfort in mind.  The kiosk offers individual 'personal experience stations' that provide a calming space in the midst of chaos, creating an oasis of relaxation. 


With many secret amenities, our kiosk was designed to ensure the privacy and serenity of our clients while relaxing to make them feel safe and secure. This was a must in designing our innovative kiosk.

We have a place for it ...we thought of everything!
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