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If you're going to get Corporate Massage... don't you want them to smile like this!?
Don't you want 'them' to smile like this!
Reward your staff with an amazing Corporate Massage event! They'll be loyal and thank you for it!

Benefits of  theBACKstop Corporate Massage:

* Increases Sales & Productivity

* Decreases Absenteeism & Tardiness

* Reduces Workman's Comp Claims

       related to recurring chronic pain

* Boosts Company Morale

Customizable Services:

We customize our services to your company's needs to make it the least invasive as possible. Our services are great for rewarding employees for goals obtained, sales reached, or CSAW (Customer Service Appreciation Week) as well as company parties and events. We also provide recurring Company Wellness Program options customized for you.  

A Corporate Massage event is one of the hottest things a company can do for their employees these days! Reward them and they will work harder for you!

Our Goal & Commitment to You:


Our goal is to add value to your company for your employees through great quality services that provide a purpose for healthy balance & wellbeing. We are committed to providing you the highest level of quality. Our Professionally Trained Licensed Therapists are conditioned to perform chair massage at a rate that is unmatchable in the industry due to their daily environment and endurance level. Our TBS (theBACKstop) branded routine stands above the rest by delivering quality results in a minimal amount of time. 


Call Us Today (405) 840-4RUB or Click Here for more information on how to Schedule Your Company's Stress-Free On-Site Escape!



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